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Tiger statuette - New Year

Tiger statuette - New Year

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2022 is coming, led by none other than the Tiger! Are you ready for this new year?

People born during the year of the tiger have positive personalities and a strong spirit: they don't avoid challenges and even tend to go towards them. They are not afraid to make mistakes and to fail. They prefer to have a try at something rather than just avoid difficult situations.

People born during the Year of the Tiger are good in society and have entertaining personalities. They have a strong leadership spirit and bring people together.

The year of the tiger can be a challenging year. But have confidence in yourself to accomplish your goals. The year of the ox was a period to get prepared, take our time to reflect. During the year of the tiger, it is time to take action.

Be careful, however, not to be too impulsive and be sure to listen to the advice of those around you.

In a word, 2022 will be synonymous with novelty, growth and changes. It is a time to give the best of ourselves.
We hope that you will have a great year 2022, and that the spirit of the Tiger will guide you to accomplish great things!

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