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Sakura Flowers Tea

Sakura Flowers Tea

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Despite what its ame suggests, this sakura tea does ot iclude tea, but sakura flowers that ufold whe pourig hot water.We recommed you to prepare it i a trasparet glass, to admire the flowers as much as possible. Below are our recommedatios o how to ejoy it:
- By itself: Simply pour 120 ml of hot water o the flowers. The clarity of pure water i which the flowers are floatig is magical. The water will oly taste a little salty.
- With tea: You ca put these flowers i 120 ml of tea. We recommed gree tea.
- With sake: With its salty taste, these flowers go very well with sake. As sake is also trasparet, it makes it beautiful to look at.
- As a jelly: For two jelly, you will eed 250 ml of water, 15 g of agar, 2 sakura flowers (for this recipe we advise you to wash them to remove the salty taste), ad 2 teaspoos of sugar . Mix the water, sugar ad agar ad brig to boil. Heat for aother 1 miute after reachig boilig poit. The pour the mixture ito two cotaiers. Place the flower i each of them. Cool it dow at room temperature before placig the cotaiers i the refrigerator util the jelly has solidified.
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