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Paper Balloon - Shishi Lion-dog

Paper Balloon - Shishi Lion-dog

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Paper Ballon of Shishi, the lion-dog, a legendary animal with the ability to scare away evil spirits.

The paper balloons come with a message card and an envelop. It is an original way to transmit your message for birthdays, Christmas, New Year or any other event!

Isono Kamifusen is a traditional Japanese paper balloon maker. It has been located in Izumozaki City, in Niigata Prefecture, since 1919. Izumozaki is a coastal town that flourished as a fishing port in the Sea of ​​Japan and as a trading center with Sado Island. The founder of the company Isono developed the production of paper balloons as a winter job, when fishing was impossible.
Paper balloons were valued as children’s toys throughout the Taisho (1912-1926) and Showa (1926-1989) eras. Toys for children have changed a lot lately, but paper balloons remain popular as simple and nostalgic toys. We recommend to hang them with a string and tape from the ceiling close to a window where they can swing with the breeze.

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