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Organic yuzu scented soap - Kyoto

Organic yuzu scented soap - Kyoto

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Kyoto Natural Factory is a small company producing natural and organic cosmetics. Among their products, the yuzu soap got our attention. Every year, Kyoto Natural Factory team harvests the yuzu in Taizo-in temple, distills it and uses the citrus essential oil to make the soap.

Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple is the oldest and most prominent sub-temple among the fifty or so sub-temples situated in the Myoshin-ji Temple District. It is known for its dry landscape garden and its yoko-en (a pond-and-stroll-style garden).

The soap can be used as a face soap or hand soap. Yuzu is rich in vitamin C which will make your skin smooth and bright. Some studies also show that yuzu scent reduces stress and improves memory.

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