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Onsen Towel and Bath salts

Onsen Towel and Bath salts

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It is the official ose towel from Shikiejima Islad. The mai attractio of Shikiejima is the hot sprig of Jiata ose.It’s located i frot of the ocea, ad reaches the perfect bathig temperature whe the hot water is aturally beig mixed with sea water. Because of the tides, you ca oly go to the ose twice a day. Otherwise, the water temperature reaches a bolsterig 80 degrees celsius.Also icluded some bath powder, so you ca ejoy the perfect ose experiece at home. If you do't have a bathtub, you ca try aother Japaese traditio called 足湯 or “foot bath”.The towel was desiged by the Shikiejima Tourism Associatio. You ca see i red the Japaese sig for hot sprig ad the ame Jiata ose (地鉈温泉)

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