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Peko Peko Box

Oni Set - Peko Peko & The Omamori Shop collaboration

Oni Set - Peko Peko & The Omamori Shop collaboration

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Exclusif Set: Omamori from The Omamori shop and Ceramic Mask from Peko Peko.

The Omamori Shop designs beautiful Omamori (commonly known as the Japanese lucky charm or lucky amulet), blessed in Itokuji temple, in Sendai, North of Japan.

You can attached the omamori on your bag, inside your car, put it in your purse, so it will protect you everywhere you go!

Blessing for the Oni Omamori: General Luck (開運祈願 - Kaiun Kigan)

Also included in the set, a decorative Ceramic Hannya mask which will give to your interior the perfect Japanese touch.

You may have heard of Oni, Japanese male demon, but do you know Hannya, the female demons? They usually come back on earth when they feel betrayed and are overcome by jealousy and sadness.

The mask appears frightening at first, but when you move it a little, looking down, it looks like it’s crying. It translate the complexity of humans emotion.

Product details:

Material: cotton
Size: 75 x 40mm / 2.9 x 1.6in

Material: Ceramic
Size: 18 x 9 x 21cm

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