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Hand made washi Notebook

Hand made washi Notebook

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For this beautiful otebook, we wet to the Kami to Wa store i Kyoto ad met with Miwako. The store was fouded by her gradparets, 88 years ago. Washi is a traditioal Japaese paper which was coveyed from Chia 1400 years ago. The otebook pages are hadmade washi paper ad bided together by had. Washi is made with a local igrediet called kozo tree which is a Japaese mulberry. Japaese farmers have bee makig washi paper after harvestig the rice, so it was cosidered as a side job for the farmers for a log time. The cover of the otebook is made with yuze paper. Yuze paper is a japaese traditioal paper made i Kyoto ad is all had paited. The patters come from kimoo clothes. The cover paper of this otebook depicts craes which are a symbol of logevity ad good fortue i Japa.

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