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Asakusa horse hair tooth brush

Asakusa horse hair tooth brush

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Kanaya Brush was founded in 1914, when Mr. Ouchi's grandfather came from Kyoto to the capital, and opened his first brushes shop. The star item of the company are the toothbrushes made from horse hair. Thanks to the hair elasticity, the brush will clean the teeth while gently massaging the gum tissues. Upon entering the store, our attention was drawn to a large banner that reads: “Toothbrushes for a million people”. It was Mr. Ouchi's grandfather's wish: for a million people to use his toothbrushes. Today, this goal has been achieved but Mr. Ouchi set a new one: to introduce his toothbrushes not only to Japanese people, but to the whole world. And we are proud to be able to help him get closer to his dream, by introducing his toothbrushes to you.

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