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This bag is woven using Nara mosquito net manufacturing techniques. The fabric is woven to leave spaces between the threads allowing air to pass through and making it extremely lightweight and flexible. The bag is from Ban Inoue, a company created in 1988. It is inspired by the traditions and Japanese culture born during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and in particular the concepts around 華 (hana) and 侘び(wabi). 華 praises a majestic, dynamic and colorful beauty. 侘び represents a simple beauty in harmony with nature.

Its main use is as a bento bag, or lunch box bag. You can pack it, for example, to go picnicking in a park near your home and admire the spring flowers.
You can also use it as a “bag in the bag”, to pack certain things and create a separation inside your handbag, making it easier to find your belongings.

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