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Travel to Kamakura, discover this coastal city located one hour by train south of Tokyo, between secret temples, ocean views and chill vibes.

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This Kamakura gift box includes:

  • Washi Postcard x1
  • Hato statuette with secret message inside x1
  • Heart Sutra Eco Bag x1
  • Incense paper x2
  • Drip Coffee x3
  • Coffee Cup x1
  • Enoshima Octopus Rice crackers x2
  • Kinako (roasted soybeans powder) Candy Bar x2
  • Items magazine

With this box, we are taking you to Kamakura. Located less than an hour south of Tokyo, Kamakura is a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture. It became the political center of Japan at the end of the 12th century and until the 14th century after the shogunate settled there to rule the archipelago. Sometimes referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura is known for its many temples and shrines, surfing beaches and chill vibes.

In your box is included a Hato statuette, a dove amulet from the shop Kamakura Hachiza. Inside, you will find a small paper with a life teaching quote.

We also have included two incense paper. Those incense paper do not burn, but slip into your wallet, for example, to diffuse a delicious scent around you.

You will also find a beautiful washi postcard hand-printed by Saito-san who has been doing this for 40 years. We found this postcard in the beautiful shop Shatoh. On the card is an illustration of the buddhist statue of Yakushinyorai from Kakuonji temple. 

Peko Peko Box - Help the locals

We have selected an Heart Sutra Eco Bag, a tote bag illustrated with the Heart Sutra. Carry the meaning of life … every time you go shopping!

On the food and drinks side, you will enjoy drip coffee from Bell Time Coffee, a coffee shop located in Kita-Kamakura. Suzuki-san, the owner, roasts his coffee beans himself and makes his own blends. The coffee is included with a beautiful coffee cup.

You will also taste Enoshima Taco Senbei. Those octopus rice crackers are from the famous shop Chigasakiya located on Enoshima Island.

Finally, the surprising Kinako Candy Bar. The particularity of this soft candy is the kinako powder around it. Kinako is roasted soybean flour. It is a traditional Japanese delicacy.

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  1. Jamie Fidler

    What a wonderful Box Kamakura was!!! One of our most favorite spots to visit, Peko Peko captured much of the magic of Kamakura! I especially loved the little Hato statuette, the incense paper and the wonderful handmade postcard by the lovely Saito-san! This Box is truly wonderfully thoughtful!

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