Year of the Ox


Celebrate the Year of the Ox with our selection of Japanese gifts for luck and good fortune.

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This New Year Japanese gifts box includes:

  • Fude Pen (x1)
  • Monaka Miso (x1)
  • Washi Postcard (x1)
  • Ox ceramic statuette (x1)
  • Uragu notepad carp and lotus design (x1)
  • Matcha Peanuts (x1 – 70g)
  • New Year Furoshiki, cotton cloth (x1)
  • Items magazine

Akemashite Omedetou!! 2021 is the Year of the Ox and we want to celebrate with you! Since the ox is the slowest of animals in the traditional Chinese zodiac, it is said that the Year of the Ox is a year that goes by slowly. It’s an important year to get things done steadily, without rushing. It is a year to build the foundations for a bright future. Do not look for concrete results during the Year of the Ox, they will come later. The Year of the Ox is a year to work hard to start the path to future success.

Mayuko's little kitchen

Included in your box, first, a beautiful ceramic statuette of an ox, from Aichi Prefecture. Then, a furoshiki, a cotton cloth, with a large number of symbols related to the Japanese New Year. You will also find a really lovely notepad with carp and lotus design from Uragu, a tiny shop hidden in the back streets of Miyagawacho, one of Kyoto’s geisha districts. You can write on it with your fudepen from Akashiya, a calligraphy brushes maker in Nara, with over 380 years of history. You will also hold in your hand a beautiful handmade washi postcard with calligraphy on it. The Japanese character on the card is yume and it means dream!


On the snack side, you will be able to try delicious matcha flavored peanuts. This snack comes from the shop Itohkyuemon, a famous tea maker from the city of Uji, founded in 1832. Last but not least, a miso monaka, a sea bream shaped monaka filled with a delicious dry miso.


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Weight400 g
Dimensions27 × 19 × 12 cm

Kyoto, Tokyo


Fude Pen (x1)