Tableware Set
Tableware essentials set (Single or Pairs)
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Tableware essentials set (Single or Pairs)



Japanese tableware essentials, the perfect housewarming gift!


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Japanese tableware essentials. Included:

Small Bear plate
This small bear plate can be used for example as a plate for sauces (soy sauce for your next sushi party?), condiments, confectioneries and so on.

Wooden Chopsticks
Those handcrafted chopsticks from Hokkaido are made in Enju wood. In Ainu culture, it is thought that enju wood’s unique odor has the power to ward off evil spirits. It is used to make pillars of houses to prevent the spirit of sickness from coming in.

Owl Spoon
In Ainu culture, Chikap Kamuy is a great owl that watches over the land, its villages and its inhabitants. This spoon is made using Yew wood. Yew trees are enshrined in many shrines and temples as sacred trees. Yew is said to have the power to purify its surroundings and bring happiness.

Blue glass cup
This beautiful glass cup comes from the Toyo Sasaki glass company, one of Japan’s top glassware manufacturers with its founder having studied under European craftsmen back in the Meiji period (1868-1912).

Set available in single or in pairs. Save 3$ by buying those items in the Single set instead of separately, and 7$ on the Pairs set.

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