Spirit of Japan

Spirit of Japan


Discover the spirit of Japan with our Japanese gifts box of curated souvenirs from Tokyo and Kyoto.

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This Japanese gifts box contains:

  • Items magazine
  • Tsujiri Matcha rolls (x3)
  • Genmaicha tea bags (x5)
  • Ogurasanso rice crackers (x1)
  • Daruma doll (9cm tall x1)
  • Japanese hand towel (89cm x 32cm / x1)
  • Organic yuzu soap (30g x1)
  • Incense plum scent (x15 sticks)
  • Goshuin calligraphy (x1)
  • Tatami coaster (x1)
  • Reusable bamboo basket

With this box, we are taking you on a journey through Japan!. The smell of charcoal from a yakitori place, the feeling of tatamis under your feet at a ryokan, the flavor of wasabi revivifying your taste buds, and the exciting lights of the cities bursting in front of your eyes. We wanted you to feel all those sensations and experience the spirit of Japan.

The first item to catch your eye in this box will probably be the daruma doll from Takasaki city, in Gunma Prefecture. Daruma is a symbol of perseverance and luck, it will help you reach your goals! You will get your daruma with empty eyes. First, paint the left eye of the daruma while making a wish. Then, when your wishes have been fulfilled, paint the other eye with gratitude.

You will also discover in your box a yuzu soap, the result of an unexpected collaboration between a soap maker and a monk. Indeed, every year, the Kyoto Natural Factory team harvests the yuzu in Taizo-in, the oldest temple in Myoshin-ji Temple District, distills it, and uses the citrus essential oil to make the soap.

Yuzu soap Taizo-in

Another item from a temple is the goshuin. In Japan, a goshuin is a holy places’ calligraphy and serves as proof that you indeed visited the grounds. They are all unique, handwritten by the monks or priests, and beautifully designed with their dedicated stamps. This one comes from Shunkoin: Temple of the Ray of Spring Light.

To make you travel through all your senses, we included incense, that will transport you in imagination to temples and shrines. You will also be seduced by the soft touch of the tenugui, a staple to have. It is found in every Japanese household. On this tenugui are two reproduction of ukiyo-e master Utagawa Kuniyoshi cats drawings.

We couldn’t finish this journey in Japan without a tea break. For you to enjoy a relaxing time at home, we included a tea from Obubu tea farms near Kyoto: genmaicha tea, a green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. To enjoy it with it, the Tsujiri matcha rolls, delicious cookies rolled and filled with matcha cream, and Ogurasanso rice crackers with many flavors.

Finally, the last item you will discover is a beautiful handmade tatami coaster, decorated with some Japanese paper. Perfect to use for your cup of tea!

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Kyoto, Tokyo