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Set of 2 rectangular plates – Uragu Designer Shop – Kyoto

Set of 2 rectangular plates – Uragu Designer Shop – Kyoto


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This set includes 2 rectangular plates with:
– Carp fish and lotus design
– Bat design

The first one has a carp fish and lotus design. Carp fish is one of the main Japanese symbols of luck and good fortune. In Japanese, carp is called koi. Koi also means “love”. As a result, carp fish is seen as a romantic symbol. But not only. Being a fish that swims against the river flow, it also represents tenacity, perseverance in adversity, and the ability to achieve one’s goal.

The second one has a bat design. Bats were very popular in Japanese culture and were seen as a symbole of good luck until the 20th century. You could find a lot of items with bat designs: kimono, pottery,… Nowadays, unfortunately, they are less and less popular, and not used as often.


Plates x2: 30cm×9cm×1.5cm
Box: 32cm×11cm×3cm

Uragu is a tiny shop, hidden in the back streets of Miyagawacho, one of Kyoto’s geisha districts. There, you can find beautiful products with clean designs carefully thought out by the designer of the store and inspired by Japanese folklore.

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Weight615 g
Dimensions32 × 11 × 3 cm








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