Onsen Towel and Bath salts


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It is the official onsen towel from Shikinejima Island. The main attraction of Shikinejima is the hot spring of Jinata onsen.

It’s located in front of the ocean, and reaches the perfect bathing temperature when the hot water is naturally being mixed with sea water. Because of the tides, you can only go to the onsen twice a day. Otherwise, the water temperature reaches a bolstering 80 degrees celsius.

Also included some bath powder, so you can enjoy the perfect onsen experience at home. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can try another Japanese tradition called 足湯 or “foot bath”.

The towel was designed by the Shikinejima Tourism Association. You can see in red the Japanese sign for hot spring and the name Jinata onsen (地鉈温泉)

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