Travel to Joge


Discover the small town of Joge in Hiroshima prefecture

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This gift box includes:

  • Items magazine
  • Yoshu cake, castella soaked in liquor syrup (x2)
  • Chestnuts manju (x2)
  • Good fortune senbei (90gr)
  • Kimono fabric basket (x1)
  • Antique plates (1 small, 1 big. Design varies)
  • Daruma wooden bookmark (x1)
  • Ofuda, lucky charm (x1)
  • Nioifukuro, scented sachet (x1)

Joge is a small town in the mountains of northeastern Hiroshima Prefecture. During the Edo period, Joge was a “tenryou” territory, meaning it was under direct control of the Shogunate. Its historical main street is lined with traditional white-plaster buildings, carefully preserved over generations. Discover Joge with Aline and the Peko Peko team. Meet the makers of your box, collect the unique items and taste the local delicacies.

In your box, taste 3 specialties of the town. First, start this gustatory journey with the Tsuchinoko Manju, a buttery baked pie bun filled with a white bean paste surrounding a chestnut. A delicacy that has been around for 30 years and passed on from father to daughter. Then, have a taste of the Yoshu cake. A delicious castella cake (a soft sponge cake with a nice brown crust on top and at the bottom), soaked in a syrup made from a secret recipe including brandy and rum. Last but not least, the good fortune Senbei, a snack recommended by Mr Stato, station master at Bingo Yano.

The box will make you travel through time. Start your journey through the history of Joge town with 2 vintage items (1 small plate and 1 sake cup) from the antique shop of Ms. Shigemori. Then, discover the delicate nioibukuro, a scented bag creating by mixing together different spices. In the past, it was used by young women to seduce men with its beautiful smell. You will also hold in your hand a beautiful hand made basket decorated with vintage kimono fabric. Finally, to bring you some luck and good fortune, we included an ofuda, a lucky charm, as well as a wooden daruma bookmark, daruma being a symbol of luck and perseverance!

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