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For this beautiful notebook, we went to the Kami to Wa store in Kyoto and met with Miwako. The store was founded by her grandparents, 88 years ago.

Washi is a traditional Japanese paper which was conveyed from China 1400 years ago. The notebook pages are handmade washi paper and binded together by hand. Washi is made with a local ingredient called kozo tree which is a Japanese mulberry. Japanese farmers have been making washi paper after harvesting the rice, so it was considered as a side job for the farmers for a long time.

The cover of the notebook is made with yuzen paper. Yuzen paper is a japanese traditional paper made in Kyoto and is all hand painted. The patterns come from kimono clothes. The cover paper of this notebook depicts cranes which are a symbol of longevity and good fortune in Japan.

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