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Noren is a traditional Japanese fabric, curtain-like, that usually hangs at the entrance of restaurants, shops, ryokan (Japanese inns) or onsen (hot springs) baths. In people’s home, noren are used as a divider between rooms or simply for decoration purpose. They can for example be put in front of open shelves to hide them. Noren have one vertical slit in the middle allowing an easier passage.

On this noren, you can see a fugu. Fugu is a very delicate dish that you can enjoy in Japan during winter time. The fish is cooked in many different ways : sashimi, fried, in hotpot. Apart from its subtle taste Fugu is also known for being highly poisonous and the smallest mistake in the preparation could kill you!

Around the fugu is an Ensô. It is a circle shape that represents infinity. It is as the same time a beginning and an end. It also represents enlightenment in Buddhism.


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