Additive-free soaps based on rice Koji


Additive-free soaps based on rice kôji, a very moisturizing ingredient.


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Tose additive-free soaps are based on rice kôji, a natural and very interesting ingredient. It is usually used as a fermentation starter, for sake for example.

Rice kôji is based on Japanese fermentation cultures. The rice koji used come from Ryoroku, a 300-year-old koji shop based in Kyoto.
Those soaps also contain naturally derived skin-beautifying ingredients such as rice bran oil and camellia oil. Using a cold process manufacturing method, that lasts for 45 days, the soaps are handmade without applying heat, and can be used safely by children and adults alike.
The soaps are also additive-free (no mineral oil, preservatives, petroleum-based surfactants, or synthetic fragrances are used).

One of the causes of dry skin is a decrease in the number of ceramides, which has a barrier function for the skin. The amount of water evaporation increases and the amount of water in the skin decreases. Rice kôji contains glucosylceramides, which is the source of ceramides. It is said to improve the barrier function of the skin and improve its moisturizing power.

The scent is added using only essential oils from plants. No synthetic fragrances are used.


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Hinoki (cypress), Sakura (cherry blossoms)


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