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Peko Peko Box 1st Anniversary

Peko Peko Customers

We started the Peko Peko Box adventure one year ago, in August 2020! It is crazy to think about everything we have accomplished in one year and most of it is thanks to your support. Thank you!

How did Peko Peko Box started?

We are a travel agency based in Japan. For many years, we helped thousands of people enjoy the country we love. In early 2020, the Covid-19 crisis gave globetrotters a hard time. Visiting Japan became impossible! To keep the travel spirit alive and help local economies we decided to help you travel to Japan from home by creating our Peko Peko Box.

Peko Peko Box values


Peko Peko box items are carefully selected by us before being packed and shipped with love.


Peko Peko items are 100% made and/or designed in Japan. We won’t send you mass-produced products from convience stores.


Peko Peko supports small businesses and local regions all across Japan.


You don’t just receive awesome items with our box, you also come with us on a journey through Japan.  We include our meet the locals magazine and videos on our YouTube channel.

Our community

Anniversary Deals

To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we have got a special discount on the Spirit of Japan box, the first box we created, a year ago! Get it for 42$ instead of 49$ ! Offer available only during the month of August

For all purchase on the Peko Peko Shop (Spirit of Japan purchase is not included in this offer) and for all new subscription during the month of August, receive as a gift this beautiful tenugui. Tenugui is a staple to have. It is found in every japanese household. It can be used as a light towel, dishcloth, as a decoration to display on the wall or can be suspended to cover open shelves

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