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Bento Home Kitchen

Japanese bento in Joge: HOME Kitchen

In the center of Joge town, among the white walls houses, one of the best places to have lunch is HOME Kitchen, a small shop that offers great Japanese bento. The homemade cuisine and the warm welcome will make you want to come back the next day!

What are Japanese bento?

In western countries, for a quick cheap lunch, we have sandwiches. In Japan, they have bento. A bento is a lunch box, a lunch plate. You can buy them at convenience stores, supermarkets, or specialized shops. It usually consists of some rice and several side dishes such as meat, fish, vegetables, pickles, eggs. Some Japanese bento can also consist of only one main dish.

A shop that makes you feel at home

Noai Ohata, Home Kitchen owner
Noai Ohata, Home Kitchen owner

Noai Ohata, the owner of HOME Kitchen, is an active young woman, mother of three. Every day is a busy day for her, dropping off her children at school before heading to the shop to start cooking. Through her cuisine, Ohata-san wants her customers to feel as they are eating their mum’s dishes. Opened in 2016, the shop is a real success. Bento are ready at 11:00 and often sold out a little after 12h.

During our stay in Joge, I could tried 3 of her bento. First, the Keema curry bento, delicious ground meat well seasoned but not spicy, topped with a fried egg and some local vegetables. Very flavorful. Then, the ebi chili omurice. Omurice consists of fried rice topped with an omelet, while ebi chili, a dish with Chinese influences, consists of stir-fried shrimp with chili sauce. A delicious combination.

Keema curry, japanese bento
Keema curry bento at Home Kitchen

Finally, one of my top recommendations at the shop, the karaage. Karaage is a side dish you will often find in Japanese bento. It is a Japanese-style fried chicken. At HOME Kitchen, I tasted one of the best karaage ever in my life. The chicken was crispy yet tender and it had a little twist unlike any other. On top of the karaage were some green flakes. At first, thought it could be herbs, but it was nori, Japanese dried seaweed. It was surprising but it gave to the karaage a delicious saltiness.  

Karaage, japanese bento
Karaage at Home Kitchen

Get to know more about Joge

If you want to get to know more about Joge town order our November box. Not only will you receive the best souvenirs that Joge city offers, you will also discover more about what to eat, what to see and who to meet when you go there (orders opened until October 31st, 2020).

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