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Hokkaido Safari

Hokkaido safari: fox

This summer, we want to take you on a Hokkaido safari to discover all the beautiful animals that you might be able to see when travelling to the northern island of Japan. 

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Shiretoko peninsula is one of the most beautiful places you could visit in the north of Hokkaido. It was added in 2005 to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. From Utoro port, you can embark on a local fisherman’s boat in hope to spot brown bears in their natural habitat. Shiretoko has one of the densest populations of brown bears in the world and concentrates 80% of the brown bear population of the island of Hokkaido.

It is estimated that you have a 90% chance to see them! Unfortunately for us, the weather wasn’t great this day and we felt into the 10%, as we weren’t able to see brown bears, even after a 2 hours cruise. But our guide, Fred, provided us with those photos.

Hokkaido safari: bears


Hokkaido foxes are as famous as the brown bears. It is one of the mascots of the land. Also known as Ezo Red Foxes, they can be seens quite easily, walking around. They are usually bigger than the fox that you may see on the mainland of Honshu.

Hokkaido safari: fox


In the Shiretoko National Park is Sakura no taki, a small waterfall where we can see cherry salmon jumping upstream during the summer months. Cherry salmon go down to the sea to grow bigger and come back up in July and August to lay their eggs. It is so impressive to watch them try to jump and go up this waterfall.

Hokkaido salmon

White tailed eagles

These beautiful raptors can be found all year long in Hokkaido. White-tailed eagles can have a wingspan of more than 2 meters and they are known as the fourth largest eagle in the world. They are quite aggressive birds and children are watched closely when being out in areas where those birds are seen. Indeed, when fishing is not going well, white tailed eagles can attack small deers, pet animals, or, more rarely, children.

Hokkaido white-tailed eagles

Red-crowned crane

They are one of the most majestic and elegant birds you could watch. Living exclusively in Hokkaido, they can be distinguished by the red spot on their heads. It is a loved bird in Japanese culture as you can see many of its representations on paintings and prints. It also became a symbol of peace after the bombing of Hiroshima.

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