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Tokyo 2020 goodies

We want to introduce to you the mascot of Tokyo Olympics: Miraitowa ! But before, check out our time limited edition of Tokyo 2020 goodies. A Miraitowa Bento set! Including: – Bento bag 100% cotton– Bento box (450ml)– Chopsticks in their case (16.5cm)– Small towel 100% cotton Available on pre-order only until August 14th: Get it […]

Travel to Asakusa

For this box, we take you to Asakusa: a part of Tokyo called Shitamachi, where the atmosphere of the old city still lingers. The symbol of Asakusa is the Senso-ji temple and its huge red paper lantern at Kaminarimon gate. Around the temple grounds, craftsmen and traditional shops still thrive. Popular locations include the Nakamise […]

Kanaya Brush

Asakusa’s Best Shops: Kanaya Brush

Let me introduce you to one of Asakusa’s best shops. Not far from Nakamise Dori Shopping Street and Senso-ji Temple, is a brush shop unlike any other called Kanaya Brush. They only work with natural hair from animals. This family owned business is now run by Mr. Hideo Ouchi. We met with him to learn […]


Kumade Market: Celebrate the New Year in Tokyo

The kumade market is a Japanese New Year tradition taking place during the month of November. Kumade are beautiful Japanese handicrafts. They are mostly found hanging in shops and businesses. But these are not just decorative items. In this article, you will get to know more about kumade. What is a Kumade? A kumade is […]


The making of tatami

Meet Yamaki Taichi,  4th generation owner of this tatami shop located in Tokyo. His family has been making those traditional Japanese mats for more than a hundred years. Even if, nowadays, 80% of the juncus used to make the mats come from China, Yamaki-san takes pride in only using juncus from Kumamoto prefecture, in Kyushu. […]