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Japanese Paper Baloon

Traditional Japanese Paper Balloons

A Traditional Japanese Paper Balloons maker since 1919

How beautiful are those paper balloons? 2 will be included in our July Peko Peko Box so dont forget to subscribe!

Isono Kamifusen is a traditional Japanese paper balloon maker. It has been located in Izumozaki City, in Niigata Prefecture, since 1919. Izumozaki is a coastal town that flourished as a fishing port in the Sea of ​​Japan and as a trading center with Sado Island. The founder of the company Isono developed the production of paper balloons as a winter job, when fishing was impossible, as well as as an occupation for fishermen’s wives. Making paper fusen (balloon in Japanese) was a valuable source of income during the winter season, in which many locals participated. Until the beginning of the Showa period (1926-1989), paper balloon production increased throughout the region, but little by little, makers disappeared and Izumozaki is one of the last city where paper balloons are still produced.

Japanese Paper Balloons

A very popular toy

Paper balloons appeared during the Meiji era, around 1891, and for a time replaced rubber balloons. They were valued as children’s toys throughout the Taisho (1912-1926) and Showa (1926-1989) eras. Toys for children have changed a lot today, but paper balloons remain popular as simple and nostalgic toys, especially during Japanese summer when nice weather calls for outdoor activities. These paper balloons can also be found at matsuri, summer festivals held all over Japan. Paper fusens can also be placed as a decorative object in the house for a nice Japanese vibe. Blow into the balloon to inflate it and find out what shape it takes.

Japanese Paper Balloons

Help us choose what will be in our next box

Which one of the balloon would you like to see in our Peko Peko Box?
– Kingyo: Japanese gold fish
– Fugu: Japanese blowfish
– Tako: Japanese octopus

Give us your vote in the comments 😊

Japanese Paper Baloon
Japanese Paper Baloon


  1. Karen Cook


  2. Jamie Fidler

    Ahhhhh….these are so wonderful! I even remember as a child my father bring me paper ballon beachballs…I am not sure they were from Japan but if not the popularity of the art created in Japan transcended Japan itself. On our first trip to Japan with our children (adult children) one evening they went off to visit a design district in Kyoto…my son brought me back a pair (mom and baby) of paper penguins…I cherish them….
    I am excited for this item…it will bring back happy memories from the distant and near past for me…
    My Favorite has to be the wonderful: FUGU: JAPANESE BLOWFISH…he is really beautiful!

  3. Diana Ault

    For me, it’s a tie between the fugu and kingyo… maybe the kingyo because it has more frill? 🙂 They all look so fun!

  4. Kelly Roeger

    My vote is for the Kingyo Japanese Goldfish! It’s adorable! <3

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