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Yuzu soap

Yuzu soap: the story behind a unique collaboration

Kyoto Natural Factory

The first actor in the creation of the yuzu soap you will find in your Spirit of Japan box is Kyoto Natural Factory. Kyoto Natural Factory is a human-sized company located in the shopping area in the heart of Kyoto. They are very proud to deliver 100% Natural and 100% Made in Kyoto cosmetic products. In their shop, you will find hand and face soaps, bath products, lip balms, cream, essential oils. All made with natural and organic ingredients, with no added chemicals such as preservatives and oxidants.

Taizo-in temple

Taizoin temple is located in Myoshinji temple complex, at a 30 minutes bus ride from the center of Kyoto. The temple was founded around 600 years ago by the third head priest of the Myoshinji zen school. The temple is run by reverend head priest Matsuyama.

Yuzu soap Taizo-in

Taizo-in yuzu soap : a unique collaboration

How come a soap maker and a zen monk decide to collaborate? Taizoin temple happened to have yuzu trees on its ground. But what to do with those fruits? This is how the collaboration started. Every year, Kyoto Natural Factory team comes to the temple to harvest the yuzu. Then, they distill the citrus to extract its natural oil. Et voila! You get a beautiful soap with a really nice scent perfect to wash your hand or your face. Indeed, yuzu is rich in vitamin C which will make your skin smooth and bright. Some studies also show that yuzu scent reduces stress and improves memory. So why not try it?

How to get your Kyoto Natural Factory x Taizoin temple yuzu soap?

We include this yuzu soap in our Spirit of Japan box! With your box, you will also get access to video interviews of Ishizaki-san from the factory as well as Matsuyama-san from Taizoin temple.

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