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Kakigori Melon

Kakigori: Japanese shaved ice

Kakigori are shaved ice, covered with syrup and different toppings. It is a very popular and very refreshing dessert during Japanese summer.

What is it?

Kakigori is a particularly popular Japanese dessert during summer time. It consists of shaved ice covered with syrup. The flavor of the syrup varies, from strawberry, soda, orange, melon or lemon flavor. Stands selling this dessert can be found at every matsuri, festivals that take place all over Japan during the summer. It is a refreshing dessert enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Kakigori matsuri

Today, there are tea rooms and cafes specializing in kakigori. They are then embellished with toppings, each more delicious than the other. There are Japanese-inspired kakigori with dango (sticky rice balls), azuki (sweet red beans) or even matcha cream. Or fruity ones with seasonal fruits toppings such as melon or more exotic ones such as mango or pineapple. Finally, some kakigori are inspired by Western desserts as for example Mont Blanc kaigori, covered with chestnut cream.

Kakigori Matcha

Which kakigori would you like to try? Please let us know in the comments.

Kakigori towel

Included in ou Peko Peko Box of July 2021 is a small towel with kakigori design from Hamamo. The Yokohama Nassen dyeing method and printing technique were developed when the ports of Yokohama opened to foreign trade in 1859, incorporating superior woodblock printing techniques of the East and West. It was during this era that Hamamo was founded as a textile printing factory in 1948. Nowadays, Hamamo continues to produce original handkerchiefs, tenugui, towels, using the Yokohama Nassen know-how.

Kakigori towel

Japanese people always have a small towel in their bag, which they use to dry their hands after washing them, or, in the summer, to wipe the sweat off their faces. This small towel has a kakigori pattern (the shape of which also reminds us of Mount Fuji). 

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