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Camellia flower

Camellia Oil from Tokyo Islands

Among Tokyo Islands, 2 are well known all around Japan for their camellia flowers: Oshima and Toshima. In our upcoming Peko Peko Box, you will find 2 camelia flowers items, so don’t forget to subscribe before october 31st.

Camellia Oil

Camellia Oil

In Japanese, Camellia is called Tsubaki. The island of Toshima is known for its camellia trees. It is said that 80% of the trees on the island are camellias. 60% of camellia oil in Japan is produced on Toshima Island.

Oshima island is also known for its numerous camellia trees. You can find numerous camellia oil products there: pure oil, shampoo, soap. In our Peko Peko Box, we have decided to include camellia oil.

The oil is made by pressing gently on the camellia seeds. It contains Oleic acid, an oil naturally secreted by our skin. Applied all over the body, camellia oil helps prevent dry skin.

It has also been used by Japanese women since the Heian period (794 to 1185) on hair, to make them smooth and shiny.

Finally, it can be used as a healthy oil for cooking. It is, for example, very good with fish or on salads. Its high percentage of oleic acid reduces blood pressure and makes it a good alternative to normal oil. 

Camellia Paper soap

Camellia Paper soap & Aburatorigami

As camellia flowers are a must see on Tokyo Islands, we have decided to include another tsubaki product. In this set, you will find paper soap that you can use to wash your hands at any place: very convenient when on the go. Also included, some aburatorigami or face blotting paper, very popular in Japan, for women, and men. Press it onto your face to remove the excess oil on your skin.

If you want to try all these items, subscribe to Peko Peko Box before October 31st and receive your Tokyo Islands Box.

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