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Community Spotlight: Roxane

In this Peko Peko Box Community Spotlight, you will meet Roxane. She has been writing her blog about Japan since 2017. She will tell you more about her 3 months trip to Japan in a camper van, as well as her experience with Peko Peko Box.

Can you briefly introduce yourself? Do you have any social media you want to share?

My name is Roxane and I have been the author of the blog Rokusan since 2017. I am 27 years old and I am a freelance ergonomist / UX designer. I have an Instagram @_rokusan and a Facebook page Rokusan – Japan, but I am mainly active on my blog where I regularly post new articles.

Peko Peko Kamakura Box
Peko Peko Kamakura Box

Have you ever been to Japan? If so, what was the highlight of your trip? If not, what places would you like to visit?

I have been twice to Japan, the first time as part of a road trip in a converted van for 3 months, and a second time just in Tokyo for 10 days. My first trip was very special and I had the opportunity to visit many places:  from Tokyo the Iriomote in the south, I had the chance to visit most of the south of Honshu, north of Shikoku and some islands of Okinawa. The trip was hard at times, because living in a campervan is not easy every day, but it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget and that changed me. It’s hard to say what struck me the most as I did so many incredible things … but I have excellent memories of the villages in Hiroshima prefecture, of the wild nature in Iriomote, of the tranquility on the Izu Peninsula and Kotohira-gu Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture.

What do you like about Japan and Japanese culture?

My love for Japan started through anime  like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Sakura. I was barely 6 years old when I discovered Japanese animation, and at that time I didn’t know what Japan was. Over time, my interest for Japan grew, and I ended up loving its culture and its gastronomy, then its history and its art. Today, I would say that I am particularly interested in  Japanese folklore, including everything related to legends, yokai and deities.

Peko Peko Kamakura Box
Peko Peko Kamakura Box

How did you hear about our Peko Peko Box?

In addition to my personal blog about Japan, I am also the editorial manager of the Journal du Japon site. Last summer, we wanted to offer our readers a selection of boxes, and it was while looking for interesting boxes that I came across the Peko Peko Box. I don’t remember very well, but I think I just searched for “Box Japan” on Google. I was immediately drawn to the “local” and “human” side of the box.

What do you like the most about our Peko Peko Box?

I like the diversity of the products. I am happy to know that my purchase helps support local producers and artisans. The videos make it possible to have proximity both with the Peko Peko Box team and with its partners. I really like this side that is more human than a simple booklet. As for the products, I am never disappointed.

So far, which box has been your favorite?

I would say it’s the last one, the Kamakura box! I love everything we have received, especially the dove amulet and the coffee.

What kind of boxes would you like to see in the future?

I would very much like a box about the Tohoku region, and more particularly on Aomori prefecture! It is a region that we rarely talk about but surely has beautiful things to show us. This is one of the destinations that I would love to visit when we can travel again. I would love to go on Mount Osore and walk around Aoike Pond, among others. I like the themes by city or by prefecture because I find that it gives an additional “travel” dimension to the box.

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