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Community Spotlight: Jean-Paul, co-founder of Atelier Sensei

In this week community spotlight, we have interviewed Jean-Paul, who has a very special bound with Japan. Indeed, Japan inspired him to create his own fashion brand for men, Atelier Sensei.

Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you?

Hello everyone, my name is Jean-Paul, I am 35 years old, I am from Paris. I have two full-time jobs, Consultant Project Manager and Co-Founder of the fashion brand ATELIER SENSEI. I am passionate about art, in all its forms (cooking, music, cinema, painting, sculpture, clothing…), Japanese culture (its history, its values ​​and traditions) and travel. You can find me on my personal Instagram account @jp_loa_, where I mostly post photos related to my own passions, and on my professional Instagram account @ateliersensei, where you can find all the latest news from my clothing brand.

Atelier Sensei

Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, what was the highlight of your trip? If not, where would you like to visit?

I was in Japan in April-May 2017 with two friends. It was the best trip of my life. I have always dreamed of going to this land where respect, tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. I only visited two cities on this trip (Tokyo and Kyoto) because I wanted to take the time to contemplate each neighborhood and try not to miss a thing. What struck me the most during this trip, I think, was the Asakusa district in Tokyo. We were staying in this neighborhood and every morning we passed in front of the local shops, the artisans workshops and finally the Senso-Ji temple. It is a relaxing and lively place at the same time.

What do you like the most about Japan?

Difficult to answer this question. I will say the Japanese mentality. This constant search for perfection, the respect they have for the simple things in life. They strive to perpetuate their know-how and pass it on to the next generation. That’s what really excites me about them. Japan is full of history and secrets.

Atelier Sensei

What do you like the most about our boxes?

I discovered Peko Peko Box through instagram. What I find very original and fascinating at the same time is the fact that they highlight the craftsmen with their videos on their YouTube channel Peko Peko Box. The videos are shot so that the viewer is immersed in the scene. As for the box, the products are so well wrapped that that is it almost heartbreaking to open the package. Personally, everyone time I open a box, I let myself be carried away by the emotions they give me.

Which item has been your favorite so far?

I will say the Asakusa box by its theme and the memories they gave me. The color red immediately reminded me of Senso-Ji Temple, the first temple I visited. I had been there the morning after I arrived in Japan to purify my mind. What immediately reminded me of that moment was the red uchiha. This one is now placed next to my torii that I brought back from the Fushimini inari taisha shrine.

Tell us about ATELIER SENSEI?

ATELIER SENSEI is a men’s clothing brand created in 2017 and launched in 2020 by three fashion, Japan and crafts enthusiasts: Johann, Kodjo and myself.
We aim to highlight quality, elegance, comfort, modernity and the people who work with us on the project. Our clothes are all made in Europe from fabrics exclusively from Japan. Indeed, Japan is known around the world for its textile know-how: weaving, texture, dyeing, color and patterns. You should know that Japan has been working with cotton since the 18th century and silk since the 4th century BC.
ATELIER SENSEI is also a place of sharing and support for men. We want to help men feel good and stylish in their everyday outfit. Also, we aim to pass on to them our passion for Japanese culture, its events and its history.

You can find us on:
Our online store:
Our Instagram account:
Our Facebook page:
Our YouTube channel:
Our LinkedIn page:

Atelier Sensei

Can you tell us more about one or two pieces of ATELIER SENSEI?

On May 17, 2021, we released, in pre-order until June 17, 2021, our signature piece, the Kimono Hanabi 花火 shirt in Japanese indigo chambray slub, entirely handcrafted in Paris by our stylist. We wanted to bring out this traditional Japanese piece, the Kimono, by giving it a touch of modernity. Indeed, we wanted to combine the elegance of a Kimono jacket with the modernity of a sartorial shirt. Thus, it can adapt to our everyday outfits, in an elegant and relaxed way.

You can find all the information about our Kimono Hanabi shirt 花火 here:

What are the future projects for ATELIER SENSEI?

We have launched the prototyping of our “Nishihama” T-Shirts planned for this summer, made in Paris with Japanese cotton. Other pieces are also in the study phase. Watch our page so you don’t miss out on our new products.

Atelier Sensei
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