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Peko Peko Box - Kamakura gift box

Travel to Kamakura

With this box, travel to Kamakura. Located less than an hour south of Tokyo, Kamakura is a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture. It became the political center of Japan at the end of the 12th century and until the 14th century after the shogunate settled there to rule the archipelago. Sometimes referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura is known for its many temples and shrines, surfing beaches and chill vibes.

Watch our video about Kamakura on Youtube, meet the people of Kamakura that made this box possible: here

Hate Shirube

Hato shirube is a dove-shaped amulet from the shop Kamakura Hachiza. Inside the cute statue you will find a small paper with an inspirational quote about life. Why a dove? It is said that the deity enshrined in Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū shrine (the most important shrine in Kamakura) was guided by doves. 

Kamakura Hachiza
Kamakura Hachiza

Incense sheets

Kôdô (香 道) is a japanese classical form of art. It literally means the “way of perfume”. To give you a taste of Kôdô, we have included incense-scented paper from the Kito Tenkundo store. These do not burn! You slip them into your wallet, for example, to diffuse a delicious scent around you.

Peko Peko Box - Incense Sheets
Sandalwood scented fragrance envelops

Washi Postcard

Shatoh was established in 1969 and handles high-quality Japanese paper goods from all over the country. They partnered with mister Saito to keep his traditional printing technique alive in our rapidly modernizing world. For each batch, mister Saito gets the ink mixture ready to his liking. The postcard you hold in your hands represents the buddhist statue of Yakushinyorai from Kakuonji temple in kamakura and is a perfect example of the collaboration between an artist, carver and printer. 

Peko Peko Box - Help the locals
Mister Saito

Heart Sutra Eco Bag

During your travel to Kamakura, we recommend that you give shakyo a try. Shakyo (写 経) literally means “to copy the sutras”. By hand you write entire Buddhist scriptures. This way you can  better reflect on their meanings Hoping that it brings you peace and joy we include a tote bag illustrated with the Heart Sutra.

Peko Peko Box - Heart Sutra Eco Bag
Heart Sutra Eco Bag

Drip Coffee and Coffee Cup

Bell Time Coffee is a coffee shop located in Kita-Kamakura. Suzuki-san, the owner uses a low temperature roasting technique. Ordinary coffee beans are roasted at 400 degrees for 5 minutes, but these ones are roasted at a maximum temperature of 173 degrees for 40 minutes. Mr. Suzuki prepared 3 blends for the Pekopeko box. Belltime blend, the signature blend, uses beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala. The second is Ogane Coffee, named after the famous Engakuji  temple located next to the shop. The last blend is the Pekopeko blend, a deep roasted blend.

Peko Peko Box - Bell Time Coffee
Bell Time Coffee

Enoshima Octopus Senbei

When visiting Kamakura, we recommend we make a stop at the beach and the Enoshima island. From there, you can have a gorgeous view on Mont Fuji! We hope you can somehow imagine you are enjoying the sunset on the beach while eating those octopus senbei from the famous shop Chigasakiya located on Enoshima Island.

Peko Peko Box - Octopus Senbei
Octopus flavored rice crackers

Kinako Candy Bar

Matsuya no Ame is a candy shop owned for 4 generations by the same family. With their knives, they have been playing the same tune for 150 years as they cut the candy (watch our video to see how this candy is cut, it is such a show!). What makes this candy special is the kinako powder around it. Kinako is roasted soybean flour. A popular japanese delicacy. After you eat the candy, you can sprinkle the powder left in yaourt or top a vanilla ice cream or even on a toast. Delicious!

Matsuya no Ame
Matsuya no Ame

Travel to Kamakura: Get your box!

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