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Japanese gifts box - Peko Peko Box

Spirit of Japan

We are very proud to present to you our first box: Spirit of Japan. We wanted to offer you a selection of items that represent Japan at its best!

Spirit of Japan

When travelling for the first time to Japan, you may feel like a newborn as all your senses are stimulated by new experiences.

The smell of charcoal from a yakitori place, the sounds of sale assistants welcoming you to their shops, the feeling of tatamis under your feet at a ryokan, the flavor of wasabi revivifying your taste buds and the exciting lights of the cities bursting in front of your eyes…

We wanted you to feel all those sensations, while going on a journey with us through Japan!

Your journey begins in Tokyo

First stop on this adventure, Tokyo! In the beginning, you are a little lost. You have just arrived in Tokyo station and you are surrendered by salarymen going to work, students heading to school and other tourists as lost as you. In this continuous flood of people, you don’t know where to go. But isn’t it one of the beauties of traveling? Finally, you decide to hop on a train and see where it will take you… Miraculously, you arrive in Asukusa! Your confidence jumps in and one visit leading into the next, you discover the beauty of Senso-ji temple, take pictures of youngsters in Harajuku, have a walk in Meiji Shrine, relax at Ueno Park, make some Japanese friends in an izakaya in the Golden Gai, do some shopping in Shinjuku and Akihabara…

Yamaki Taichi, tatami maker
Tenugui cat
Tenugui Cat

Let’s go to Takasaki

You want to take a break from the city. What about a small getaway in Gunma Prefecture, in Takasaki city? Less than one hour away from Tokyo, Takasaki is known for being the hometown of daruma dolls. First things first, you head to Shorinzan Darumaji Temple to admire its daruma collection. It is then time to have a look at how all those dolls are made. You visit one of the manufacturers and admire the hand-painted techniques.

Daruma doll getting it’s final touches

Kyoto awaits

Your stay in Tokyo is over. You jump on a shinkansen towards Kyoto! Put on some good walking shoes and don’t forget your camera, because Kyoto has so much to show you! Hear stories of the geishas at Miyagawa-cho, stroll through the little-known alleyways of the Gion district, try some tofu skin at Nishiki Market, enjoy some Japanese sake at a “Tachinomiya” (standing bar), explore 300-year-old temples in the Nanzen-ji complex,…

Yuzu Soap
Plum Incense
Shunkoin Temple Goshuin
Ogura Crackers

Little stroll in the countryside

You are not a tea specialist, but you have heard so much about Japanese tea that you feel like you have to get to know more. After renting a car, you head to Wazuka city and its endless tea plantations. The view is stunning. You have a walk along the plantation before joining a tea degustation at Obubu tea farm. Rumors were true, Japanese tea is delicious!

Gion Tsujiri Matcha Roll
Wazuka Genmaicha tea

To continue the adventure with our Spirit of Japan box…

… get your Spirit of Japan box now to enjoy the best souvenirs from Japan. You will also have access to private content like interviews of the people that made the products you will soon hold in your hands! Start the adventure, travel to Japan with us.

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  1. Axel Deroubaix

    Great looking box!

  2. Jamie Fidler

    LOVE the Tenugui Cat cloth!!
    As a cat lover this is PERFECT!!
    Can not wait for my first Box!

    1. Aline Schneider

      Thank you Jamie !
      The design of the tenugui is from Utagawa Kuniyoshi, a Ukiyo-e master. He was a little obsessed with cats and did a lot of cat drawings 🙂

      1. Jamie Fidler

        But….can one really be too obsessed with cats? 😉

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