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4 best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan

Your sister, brother, friend, or maybe significant other love Japan but you don’t know what to give them? This article is made for you! Here, we are going to give you the best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan!

A daruma doll

A daruma is a traditional hand-painted papier maché doll. It usually comes with blank eyes. The first eye is filled in when making a wish and the second one once the wish has come true. Why the eyes? Legend has it that Bodhidharma was prone to snoozing in the middle of this zen meditations. He then decided to cut his eyelids in order to keep his eyes open. So… yeah!

But isn’t it a beautiful gift to get your loved one so their wish come true? And it is the cutest decor for any room!

Gift from Japan
Daruma doll

Yuzu soap

In addition to having a great smell, yuzu is rich in vitamin C which makes the skin smooth and bright. Why not get this yuzu soap by Kyoto Natural Factory? Kyoto Natural Factory is a human-sized company located in the heart of Kyoto. They are very proud to deliver 100% Natural and 100% Made in Kyoto cosmetic products.The yuzu used for this beautiful soap are harvested from Taizo-in temple, a bouddhiste temple located in Myoshinji temple complex. A very spiritual soap indeed.

Gift from Japan
Yuzu soap

Genmaicha tea

In the olden days, genmaicha (or brown rice tea) was a drink for those who couldn’t afford pure tea blends. Genmaicha was also drunk by fasting monks or rationed warriors, as the mix between green tea and roasted rice made it a more filling drink. Nowadays, genmaicha has become one of the most popular teas in Japan.

Uji area (south of Kyoto) produces some of the finest tea blends of Japan. There is the small village of Wazuka-cho with over 800 years of history producing teas. At Obubu tea farm they make the perfect genmaicha tea. A perfect way to offer to your loved one a relaxing time, drinking a freshly brewed cup of tea!

best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan
Genmaicha tea

Plum Incense

Less known among foreigners than the sakura blossoms season, plum blossoms season, happening from mid February through March, is also a charming time to visit Japan. Plum blossoms are the sign that winter is ending and spring is around the corner. As such, it is seen as a symbol of perseverance and hope, as well as vitality, beauty, purity, and the transitoriness of life. Plum blossoms are loved by many Japanese, just as much as sakura blossoms.  

Plum incense translates this emotion with a subtle and sweet scent. It is perfect for a relaxing time and is one of the best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan!

best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan
Plum Incense

Where to get those gift ideas for someone who loves Japan?

Well, lucky for you, all those items (and more!) are included in the Spirit of Japan box by Peko Peko box! For $49, get the perfect gift box for someone who loves Japan.

Are included:

  • Items magazine
  • Tsujiri Matcha rolls (x3)
  • Genmaicha tea bags (x5)
  • Ogurasanso rice crackers (x1)
  • Daruma doll (9cm tall x1)
  • Japanese hand towel (89cm x 32cm / x1)
  • Organic yuzu soap (30g x1)
  • Incense plum scent (x15 sticks)
  • Goshuin calligraphy (x1)
  • Tatami coaster (x1)

Get it NOW!

best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan
Best gift for someone who loves Japan
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