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Camellia flower

Camellia Oil from Tokyo Islands

Among Tokyo Islands, 2 are well known all around Japan for their camellia flowers: Oshima and Toshima. In our upcoming Peko Peko Box, you will find 2 camelia flowers items, so don’t forget to subscribe before october 31st. Camellia Oil In Japanese, Camellia is called Tsubaki. The island of Toshima is known for its camellia […]


Tokyo Islands: best food to try

In this article, we will introduce to you 4 food items that you can find on the Tokyo Islands. They will be included in our upcoming Peko Peko Box, so don’t forget to subscribe before October 31st. Ashitaba from Miyakejima First off, we have Ashitaba from Miyakejima. The island was left inhabited for 5 years […]


Halloween in Japan

Spooky season is just around the corner, and you may be wondering, how does Japan celebrate Halloween? We will answer your question in this article. And don’t forget to check out Peko Peko shop or to subscribe to Peko Peko Box. For Halloween, enjoy our 9% OFF discount on everything! Use code HALLOWEEN2021 at checkout. […]

Tokyo Islands

Tokyo Islands

Not many foreigners know about the 9 islands of Tokyo. Indeed, Tokyo prefecture does not only include the big megalopolis that we all love, but also 9 small islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. We want to take you with us there, through our next Peko Peko Box: Tokyo Islands Box. Subscribe to Peko Peko […]

Hokkaido Box

Travel to Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan, after the main island of Honshu. It is located in the north of the archipelago. In winter, it is a popular destination for winter sports. In summer, it is the perfect place to go hiking in its magnificent national parks with flourishing flora and fauna. With this […]

Melon caramel

Best Food to bring back from Hokkaido

In this article, we will introduce you to some delicacies that we brought back from Hokkaido and that will be included in our next Peko Peko Box. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe now to Peko Peko box. Did you know that Hokkaido is very famous for its mint? Kitami is a city […]

Hokkaido safari: fox

Hokkaido Safari

This summer, we want to take you on a Hokkaido safari to discover all the beautiful animals that you might be able to see when travelling to the northern island of Japan.  If you want to know more about Hokkaido, don’t forget to subscribe to Peko Peko Box before August 30th to receive your Hokkaido […]

Peko Peko Customers

Peko Peko Box 1st Anniversary

We started the Peko Peko Box adventure one year ago, in August 2020! It is crazy to think about everything we have accomplished in one year and most of it is thanks to your support. Thank you! How did Peko Peko Box started? We are a travel agency based in Japan. For many years, we […]

Ainu Culture

Immerse yourself in the Ainu culture in Hokkaido

During our stay in Hokkaido, we wanted to know more about Ainu culture. So we went to an Ainu village on the shores of Lake Akan. With 36 houses and around 120 residents, the village aims to perpetuate the traditions and culture of Ainu and to present its handicrafts. Some of these products will be […]

Kakigori towel

Japanese summer

With this box, we recreate the atmosphere of a Japanese summer. Without leaving your home the clear sound of the “fuurin” bell will transport you to Mount Fuji. There, you will enjoy some cold “somen” noodles for lunch and a “yokan” with some tea for your afternoon break. Imagine yourself eating kakigori (shaved ice) and […]

Kakigori Melon

Kakigori: Japanese shaved ice

Kakigori are shaved ice, covered with syrup and different toppings. It is a very popular and very refreshing dessert during Japanese summer. What is it? Kakigori is a particularly popular Japanese dessert during summer time. It consists of shaved ice covered with syrup. The flavor of the syrup varies, from strawberry, soda, orange, melon or […]


Obon Matsuri

In August, Obon festivities take place all over Japan. It is a time to honor and pray for the spirits of one’s ancestors. During this period, spirits come back to earth to visit their relatives.  During Obon festival, incense is used to pray for ancestors’ spirits. In the Peko Peko Box of July 2021, we […]

Onimaru restaurant

Somen: Japanese summer lunch

Have you ever been to Japan during summer time? If so, you know that feeling of heat and humidity that sticks to your skin. Then, all you want is to settle down in a cool place and enjoy a light, cold meal. Somen noodles is the perfect meal during those hot days. The perfect meal […]

Toshoan yokan

Yokan: have a break Japanese style

The Toshoan shop in Kyoto has been promoting the benefits of anko, the Japanese red bean, since 1950. You can find there products based on this ingredient, some traditional such as yokan, and others more modern, such as cheese-cakes or chocolate cakes. Yokan, a traditional confectionery with a long history Yokan are a traditional Japanese […]

Atelier Sensei

Community Spotlight: Jean-Paul, co-founder of Atelier Sensei

In this week community spotlight, we have interviewed Jean-Paul, who has a very special bound with Japan. Indeed, Japan inspired him to create his own fashion brand for men, Atelier Sensei. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you? Hello everyone, my name is Jean-Paul, I am […]

Japanese Paper Baloon

Traditional Japanese Paper Balloons

A Traditional Japanese Paper Balloons maker since 1919 How beautiful are those paper balloons? 2 will be included in our July Peko Peko Box so dont forget to subscribe! Isono Kamifusen is a traditional Japanese paper balloon maker. It has been located in Izumozaki City, in Niigata Prefecture, since 1919. Izumozaki is a coastal town […]

Travel to Asakusa

For this box, we take you to Asakusa: a part of Tokyo called Shitamachi, where the atmosphere of the old city still lingers. The symbol of Asakusa is the Senso-ji temple and its huge red paper lantern at Kaminarimon gate. Around the temple grounds, craftsmen and traditional shops still thrive. Popular locations include the Nakamise […]

Community Spotlight Marc

Community Spotlight: Marc

For this article, we asked Marc, one of our first subscriber, to review our Peko Peko Box and to talk more about why he likes Japan so much. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you? Hello, my name is Marc and I am passionate about travel […]

Kanaya Brush

Asakusa’s Best Shops: Kanaya Brush

Let me introduce you to one of Asakusa’s best shops. Not far from Nakamise Dori Shopping Street and Senso-ji Temple, is a brush shop unlike any other called Kanaya Brush. They only work with natural hair from animals. This family owned business is now run by Mr. Hideo Ouchi. We met with him to learn […]

Yamazaki-ya Genshichi Chōchin Store

The secrets of Asakusa lantern

When visiting Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, one cannot miss the Kaminarimon Gate and its huge red paper lantern. But who is behind the creation of this beautiful craft? We set off to meet Norio Yamada, who hand-draws on lanterns. Asakusa lanterns workshop: Yamazaki-ya Genshichi Chōchin In Asakusa, it takes two craftsmen to make a lantern. […]

Asakusa, miniature Edo style toys shop

Nakamise dori: Miniature Edo-style toys

On Nakamise dori, the shopping street going from the Kaminarimon gate to the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, is a small store that you might not notice. A small shop for small toys. Indeed, the shop sells traditional miniature Edo-style toys. There, we met with Mister Yoshitaka Kimura, the owner. He introduced us to this delicate […]

Community Spotlight Lucie

Community Spotlight: Lucie

In this week community spotlight, Lucie talks about her travels to Japan, why she likes Japan so much and review our Peko Peko Box. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you? Hello, I’m Lucie from a coastal village of France. I’m a lover of music, literature […]

Roxane devant le Mont Fuji

Community Spotlight: Roxane

In this Peko Peko Box Community Spotlight, you will meet Roxane. She has been writing her blog about Japan since 2017. She will tell you more about her 3 months trip to Japan in a camper van, as well as her experience with Peko Peko Box. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Do you have any […]

Community Spotlight - Margherita

Community Spotlight: Margherita

For this community spotlight, you will meet Margherita, a Japan enthousiaste from Italy. Discover in this article why she loves Japan and her experience with Peko Peko Box. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you? My name’s Margherita, I’m a Japan lover since I was born, […]

Gyoza recipe

Gyoza Recipe (Japanese dumplings)

In the video below, you will learn with Mayuko and Aline the best gyoza recipe. Very easy to make at home, you will for sure be able to find all the ingredients in your local supermarket. Do you know gyoza? Gyoza are Japanese pan-fried dumplings. They originally came from China, where they were called jiaozi. […]


Community Spotlight: Kelly

Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you? Hello friends, my name is Kelly. I am a lifelong Japanophile from the Midwest in the United States. I’ve always had a deep interest and appreciation for Japanese culture. I decided about 2 years ago that I wanted to […]

Peko Peko Box - Kamakura gift box

Travel to Kamakura

With this box, travel to Kamakura. Located less than an hour south of Tokyo, Kamakura is a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture. It became the political center of Japan at the end of the 12th century and until the 14th century after the shogunate settled there to rule the archipelago. Sometimes referred to as the […]

Japanese cooking class with Mayuko’s Little Kitchen

Stuck at home? Always wanted to learn how to cook Japanese cuisine? Well, Mayuko, a young Japanese chef from Tokyo, might have the answer for you. She offers fun online Japanese cooking class so you can feel like you too are in Tokyo! We have asked her a few questions. Could you introduce yourself? My […]

What is Kamakura bori?

Kamakura Bori are made by carving patterns in wood, then lacquering it with layers of color. You can admire the details of the engravings in bowls, plates, chopsticks … We will tell you more in this article about the techniques and the origin of this traditional Kamakura art. The origins of Kamakura Bori Busshi (sculptors […]

Kamakura Hokokuji Temple

If you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy some quiet time, why not visit Hokokuji Temple in Kamakura? Located slightly out of the way, in a residential area, this is probably one of the most beautiful places in the city. Hokokuji and its bamboo forest It is said that Hokokuji Temple was […]

What is Kôdô?

We often hear about sadô (茶道), the tea ceremony, or even kadô (華 道), the floral art. But have you ever heard of Kôdô (香 道), the third major classical art that all fine Japanese women should learn? It literally means the “way of perfume” and in this article, we will tell you more about […]

4 best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan

Your sister, brother, friend, or maybe significant other love Japan but you don’t know what to give them? This article is made for you! Here, we are going to give you the best gift ideas for someone who loves Japan! A daruma doll A daruma is a traditional hand-painted papier maché doll. It usually comes […]

The year of the Ox

Akemashite Omedetou!! Since the ox is the slowest of animals in the traditional Chinese zodiac, it is said that the Year of the Ox is a year that goes by slowly. It’s an important year to get things done steadily, without rushing. It is a year to build the foundations for a bright future. So […]

What is shakyo?

Are you looking for a relaxing experience to do during your stay in Japan? Do you want to reconnect with yourself? Look no further, we have the perfect activity for you: shakyo. What is shakyo? Shakyo (写 経) literally means “to copy the sutras”. It is thus an activity practiced to copy by hand the […]

Japan coffee culture

Coffee was introduced in Japan by the Dutch in the 16th century. However, it didn’t get popular among the Japanese population until the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, you can find many coffee shops from big chains such as Starbucks, which opened its first store in 1996 in Ginza, but also a lot of […]


What is omikuji?

If you don’t know yet what an omikuji is, this is definitely something to add to your list of things to do while traveling in Japan. It’s a fun and traditional Japanese experience. Keep reading if you want to know more! Draw an Omikuji Fortune Slip They are found in all shrines and temples in […]

Best things to do in Kamakura

For our March Peko Peko Box, we are taking you to discover Kamakura. Located less than an hour south of Tokyo, Kamakura is a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture. It became the political center of Japan at the end of the 12th century and until the 14th century after the shogunate settled there to rule […]


Kumade Market: Celebrate the New Year in Tokyo

The kumade market is a Japanese New Year tradition taking place during the month of November. Kumade are beautiful Japanese handicrafts. They are mostly found hanging in shops and businesses. But these are not just decorative items. In this article, you will get to know more about kumade. What is a Kumade? A kumade is […]

Nara Crafts

Nara Crafts: Calligraphy Brushes

If you are interested in Japanese traditional crafts, why not check out Nara calligraphy brushes? Kukai is a famous monk who introduced Buddhism to Nara from China in the 9th century. He also brought back with him the techniques of making calligraphy brushes. Nara brushes are known for their flexibility. Using them, anyone can draw […]

Japanese Calligraphy

Nengajo: a Guide to Japanese New Year Cards

Nengajo: Japanese New Year Cards Nengajo are the New Year cards that Japanese people send to each other to celebrate the New Year. In Western countries, it may seem a bit old-fashioned, but in Japan, it is still a beloved tradition, and the Post Office often gets overwhelmed at the end and beginning of the […]

Celebrate Japanese New year: 2021, the Year of the Ox!

That you believe in it or not, it’s always fun to look into the New Year’s zodiac sign. And for this Japanese New year, the ox is in the spotlight. So, what to expect for 2021? We will try to decrypt all of this with you in this article. The second of the zodiac signs […]

Japanese Symbols of Luck and Good Fortune

Japanese Symbols of Luck and Good Fortune

1/ Japanese carp fish, symbol of tenacity and good fortune Carp fish is one of the main Japanese symbols of luck and good fortune that immediately comes to mind when thinking about the archipelago. But do you really know what it means? In Japanese, carp is called koi. As many Japanese words can have the […]

Travel to Joge

For this box, we are taking you to the town of Joge. Nested in the heart of the Chugoku region of Japan, halfway on the hilly road between Matsue and Hiroshima, Joge is a quaint town with a glorious past that deserves to be better known. During the feudal period, Joge benefited from its central […]

Yoshu cake factory

Must-try sweet in Hiroshima prefecture: Joge Yoshu cake

Located in Hiroshima prefecture, Joge is a nice historical village that has seen the birth of an innovative cake: Kunihiroya’s yoshu cake. Definitely a must-try sweet during your stay in Hiroshima area. Yoshu 洋酒 is composed of 2 kanjis. Yo 洋 meaning western and shu 酒 meaning alcohol. Yoshu cake (洋酒ケーキ) is then a “western […]

Kagura masks

What is Kagura?

During our stay in Joge, we had the chance to assist to a Kagura performance. But what is Kagura? Kagura (神楽) literally means the entertainment for the gods. It is told in the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, the old chronicles relating the origins of Japan, that Amaterasu, the sun goddess, had hidden in a cave […]

Best Japanese sweets from Joge: Tsuchinoko Manju

Fugetsu-do Tsuchinoko Manju is an unmissable confection to try out if you are in Joge. I love its delicious pie crust and its sweet white beans paste filling. It is in my opinion one of the best Japanese sweets. Why is Tsuchinoko manju one of the best Japanese sweets you will ever try? First of […]

Joge street

Japan countryside getaway

If you are looking for a Japan countryside getaway, not too far from Kyoto or Hiroshima, then, Joge town is perfect for you. From Kyoto or Hiroshima, take the Shinkansen to Fukuyama station before renting a car that will bring you in a 1h drive to the village. You can also drive directly from Hiroshima […]

Bento Home Kitchen

Japanese bento in Joge: HOME Kitchen

In the center of Joge town, among the white walls houses, one of the best places to have lunch is HOME Kitchen, a small shop that offers great Japanese bento. The homemade cuisine and the warm welcome will make you want to come back the next day! What are Japanese bento? In western countries, for […]


The making of tatami

Meet Yamaki Taichi,  4th generation owner of this tatami shop located in Tokyo. His family has been making those traditional Japanese mats for more than a hundred years. Even if, nowadays, 80% of the juncus used to make the mats come from China, Yamaki-san takes pride in only using juncus from Kumamoto prefecture, in Kyushu. […]

Yuzu soap

Yuzu soap: the story behind a unique collaboration

Kyoto Natural Factory The first actor in the creation of the yuzu soap you will find in your Spirit of Japan box is Kyoto Natural Factory. Kyoto Natural Factory is a human-sized company located in the shopping area in the heart of Kyoto. They are very proud to deliver 100% Natural and 100% Made in […]

Hand-painted daruma doll

Daruma doll – How to use the iconic Japanese doll.

One of the items featured in your box Spirit of Japan is a Daruma doll. I am sure you have a lot of questions about it! What is a Daruma? How can it make my wish come true? Where did the doll was made? What is the story behind it and what am I supposed […]

Japanese gifts box - Peko Peko Box

Spirit of Japan

We are very proud to present to you our first box: Spirit of Japan. We wanted to offer you a selection of items that represent Japan at its best! When travelling for the first time to Japan, you may feel like a newborn as all your senses are stimulated by new experiences. The smell of […]