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To be fair and transparent with all our customers we do not include shipping cost in our prices. Shipping fees will be added during checkout. We currently offer ePacket Light from Japan Post Office for Europe and Asia.
You can cancel your subscription any time from your account page. But deactivating your subscription only prevents future renewals, it does not cancel existing orders.
Yes, you are charged in advance the full price for your subscription choice.

Maybe you will; maybe you won’t. In any case, you are 100% responsible for paying consumption tax and import duties.

We do not know in advance if you will be charged for those. Assume you will and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you are not
Is there a way to avoid those? Absolutely not and there is no way to know what makes the border people want to tax one package more than another.

Since July 1st, 2021, all packages entering the EU are subject to the payment of VAT, that is to say 20% of the content of the package. Local post office then takes administration fees for the paiement of this tax. We recommend you to contact your local post office to inquire about the process of paiement of this new tax. In some countries, it is cheaper to pay for the VAT online by using your tracking number.

Shipping generally takes 1 to 3 weeks to arrive from the shipment date. You will receive a notification email when your box has been shipped.

We are so sorry to hear that. In the case one of the items is damaged, please take a photo immediately and email us at so we can assist you further.

If you haven’t received your box, please email us at If your box is missing, you should contact us within the 10 weeks following the shipping date to be eligible for reimbursement.
Thank you so much for thinking of giving one of our boxes to your loved one. To do so, please just select at check-out “ship to a different address”.
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