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Experience Japan at Home

Start your exciting journey to Japan with our curated subscription boxes and inspiring gifts!

Travel to Japan!

When you subscribe to Peko Peko box you don’t just buy things from Japan online, you experience a story through souvenirs.

Past Peko Peko Boxes

Wonder what souvenirs we included in our subscription box? Here is a sample of previous boxes.

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Peko Peko Box
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NEXT BEST THING TO BEING THERE! At a time in the world where travel is near impossible, my subscription to PekoPeko Box has been the next best thing! While there are quite a few Japanese themed subscription boxes, PekoPeko goes the extra mile in making theirs an ALL-INCLUSIVE Box by offering you videos that coincide with the contents of their boxes!!! So ALL senses are engaged not just one or two! There is also a lovely variation in their box…not all snacks or single themed content but rather themed around an area you “visit” with each box…genius! LOVE my PekoPeko!

Jamie Fidler
Peko Peko Customers
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Support the locals!​

At Peko Peko Box, we source all items from local businesses in Japan and we make sure you get to meet all of them.