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Winter in Japan

In this article, we will introduce some traditions perpetuated during winter in Japan. Celebrating the Winter Solstice in Japan Winter

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Year of the Tiger

2022 is coming, led by none other than the Tiger! Are you ready for this new year?This article will introduce

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Camellia flower

Among Tokyo Islands, 2 are well known all around Japan for their camellia flowers: Oshima and Toshima. In our upcoming

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Meet the community

Atelier Sensei

In this week community spotlight, we have interviewed Jean-Paul, who has a very special bound with Japan. Indeed, Japan inspired

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Community Spotlight Marc

For this article, we asked Marc, one of our first subscriber, to review our Peko Peko Box and to talk

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Community Spotlight Lucie

In this week community spotlight, Lucie talks about her travels to Japan, why she likes Japan so much and review

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Roxane devant le Mont Fuji

In this Peko Peko Box Community Spotlight, you will meet Roxane. She has been writing her blog about Japan since

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Community Spotlight - Margherita

For this community spotlight, you will meet Margherita, a Japan enthousiaste from Italy. Discover in this article why she loves

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Can you briefly introduce yourself? Any social media we can visit to know more about you? Hello friends, my name

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Support the locals!​

At Peko Peko Box, we source all items from local businesses in Japan and we make sure you get to meet all of them.
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